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German Look

Linda Herman Music

Hi, I'm Linda Herman from Seal Beach California.  My "niche" is ballroom dance music however I do play for all types of events in the Southern California area and have a huge repetoire of music including, German, Czech, Irish, Italian, French, etc.  I play a Roland V Accordion, the 8X,  midi to a Roland BK7M module - a one woman band complete with vocals.  You will hear a variety of music from the 30's to the present - foxtrot, waltz, swing, rhumba, cha cha cha, tango, samba, mambo, salsa, west coast swing, country, line dancing, well you get the picture.  This is all LIVE.  No tapes, mp3's, cd's.  LIVE.  If you have not heard an accordion in a number of years you have to hear the Roland FR8X V accordion.

Need a strolling accordionist?  Yes I can do that also.  

I"ve been in the dance band business since 1969 as a junior in high school.  That is over 40 years. I started out in Iowa, playing ballrooms in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Nebraska.  Moved to sunny California in 1984.  Music and California has been very good to me.

 Below are some videos I have on youtube.  Or go to youtube and type in accordionlinda or linda herman to see my channel.  Also I have cd's for sale on cdbaby.  Hope you enjoy the music.

Contact me at 562-431-1257


v3 sell my cd's and dowloads online at  Check it out.


 For more info call:  562-431-1257



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Meet Linda Herman
Linda Herman is a one lady band using a Roland FR8X V Accordion midi to the Roland BK7M module.  The Roland accordion is an electronic accordion,no reeds.  It runs on electricity or battery.  Linda describes it as a keyboard in accordion form.  She has access to many different voices and many different types of accordions.  You will hear a trumpet, guitar, sax, piano,etc, and even drums.  Yes it can even sound like an accordion.  The BK7M is like having another keyboard and her accordion controls the BK.  Of course she controls the accordion.  
Linda is originally from Iowa, moving to the Los Angeles area in 1984 along with a drummer, Glen Kelley.  Glen passed away in 1999 so Linda went "solo".  One of her passions in life was to save a 110 year old "bridge to nowhere", located in Iowa. It partially collapsed in 2008 due to flood waters.  She was successful.  It stands today and is a place to meet, have a beer and enjoy life.  Check out her song, Ode To The Sutliff Bridge.  
Linda has played in many places including a casino in Nevada, Holland American Cruise Line, stage shows that toured the midwest states and even appeared on Johnny Carson.  By the way, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Linda got a call to go to NBC studios back in May of 1987.  Johnny Carson was doing a skit that night about the garbage barge that was sailing up and down the east coast.  Nobody wanted it around.  Bob Hope had just done a USO show which gave Carson the idea for a skit- A USO show for the garbage barge crew.  The skit included a good looking young lady dancer, an old time singer and Linda as the accordionist.  When she got to NBC studios she wondered, what should I play?   When Carson arrived he asked if she knew Anchors Aweigh.  So she then got with Doc Severinson and rehearsed the song.  At the rehearsal, Linda threw in a little bellow shake which Carson loved and told her to do it on the show.  The rest is history.  To her delight, the show was rerun the next year, which meant, a royalty check.  
The accordion has been a part of Linda's life since she was 8 years old.  As she puts it, she was minding her own business on the farm when a couple came selling accordion lessons.  Her parents volunteered her. So to make everyone suffer she would practice at 6AM.  If her brothers did something that needed punishment, they had to sit and listen to her practice.  The accordion has been good to Linda.  It has taken her many places including Europe, Japan, all over the USA even playing with a group on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington DC.  Oh yes, even to Ontario to play for the Colony Club dancers in Ontario. 

French Look

LIve Music By Linda Herman

Short medley of French music on the accordion


San Diego Serenade

San Diego Serenade by linda
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Oh My Guinness